Barker writes about the recent controversy in Nevada/CA after the big forest fire that took out many houses with scenic views of Lake Tahoe. Fingers are being pointed at something to blame, and Senator Reid (Democratic leader in the US Senate) and governor Jim Gibbons (Republican) are condemning the Forest Service for not thinning the national forest land enough, but, on the other hand, they have forgotten (perhaps conveniently) that keeping sedimentation out of Lake Tahoe, once renowned for its clarity, has been a major state and federal goal.

Barker points out that the two goals seem incompatible, and further, many homeowners in such a fire prone place are still not “treating” their property, helping lead to the torching of those who did.

Barker’s blog. Forest health and pollution control clash at Tahoe. Idaho Statesman.

We will hear a lot more controversy on what wasn’t done right once that smoke settles from the many fires still to come this summer.

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