Montana has been slower than Utah, Nevada, and Idaho for wildfires, but they are underway now. Story in New West.

Web page for the new Patengail Creek Fire, NW of Dillon, Mt.

Photo of Patengail Creek fire.

Web page for the Ahorn fire.

Web page for the Fool Creek fire. This fire is not being activily fought, but being managed to improve resources in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

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5 Responses to Fire season gets started in Montana

  1. Mikeh says:

    check out the Glacier webcams:

    Is there a fire in Glacier? I’m assuming this is from Washington/Oregon/Idaho.

  2. It’s probably smoke from the fires in the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the the south of Glacier NP

  3. Mikeh says:

    I contacted the park today. Looks like it’s smoke from the Oregon/Washington fires. The info attendant didn’t sound very pleased with the situation.

  4. That’s the way it will be the rest of the summer unless there is an unusual mid-summer shift to wet and cool (the last time I remember that happened in Idaho and Montana was 1992).

  5. Mikeh says:

    That’s what I am expecting. Bummer, but that’s nature right now. It was like this last late July/August too, until mid September. Definitely circular polarizer time.



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