Alien Invader in Yellowstone: toadflax

Here is the story in the West Yellowstone News. By Carol Hoffman.

When I was in YNP last week I pulled up some of this from along the Madison River (at “the Barns”) and also along the north part of the Grand Loop. I saw some on the edge of the road in Lamar Valley, but there was not good place to stop.

I hope someone who reads this will get it before it goes to seed.

Web page on yellow toadflax.







  1. Denise Johnson Avatar
    Denise Johnson

    Last year when visiting YNP in June and again in August.
    I noticed there were several crews out pulling noxious weeds. All along the road to Tower Falls from Roosevelt as well as the Mammoth Springs Campground where we camped.
    Can’t remember the species though. It was the first time it came to my attention. Also noticed they have removed all the wild flower seeds they used to sell in the stores too.
    It would be great if everyone would follow your example and pull the pesky plants. I think it would be appreciated greatly.


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