These were sent to me by a local resident. The photographer told me these are typical of “what I saw in that area and it is what burned on Monday.”



This is the plume from the Monumental fire on Saturday the 11th from near the headwaters of Clear Creek which flows into the NF Payette.

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2 Responses to Some photos of the Idaho fires near Warm Lake (South Fork Salmon River headwaters area)

  1. Jim says:

    Ralph, I love the top photo. Any chance I could get a copy from you or the person who took it?

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you to all the Firefighters. Have spend alot of time in the area. Camped alot at the South Fork of the Salmon River Campground and headed to Warm Lake to soak. I hope everyone appreciates what each individual Firefighter did to save what they could. Please, don’t ever forget Firefighters, especially, Wildland Firefighters. They are under so much pressure to save places that should have not been bulit where they are. (I.E. Steep hillsides, one-way dirt roads) I am excited to go back to the area next year, and will look forward to finding new growth!



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~ Edward Abbey

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