Enviros: northern Arizona could be home to jaguars. By Cyndy Cole. Arizona Sun Staff Reporter.

This certainly makes sense from the perspective of climate change, as the topics extend further and further north.

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3 Responses to Enviros: northern Arizona could be home to jaguars.

  1. swjags says:

    Hmm, interesting but unlikely to get much traction, I think. If the feds won’t designate habitat that the jag currently occupies as “critical” I sure doubt they’ll go along with a plan in an area that hasn’t seen a jaguar in 40+ years.

  2. Actually there have been a number of jaguar sightings (including nighttime remote-triggered flash photos) in southern Arizona in recent years.

  3. sal says:

    There’s more than jaguars migrating north. Five years ago I observed a hawk that is specific to the (US) southern Rockies and south… in Spokane, WA!! Two years later, I observed a nesting pair of eastern Blue Jays in my back yard… in Moscow, ID. Robins don’t go away in the winter anymore, they used to be the harbinger of the beginning of spring in the New England states. The previous spring I heard a Northern Owl in the woods near my cabin for about two weeks out in Troy, Idaho area. I was also informed by a veternarian who specialized in birds that she saw several species in SE Idaho that were too far north.

    As long as Kempthorn is the Sec. of Int. there will be no listings, no compromises, period. He’s quite adamant about it. Besides, Crapo is still there and in at least one of the resource-based committees that Craig was in, and then there’s Simpson. It’s still a tough row to hoe.

    Jaguars would do well to stay out of the public eye for a spell until we can see if we get a better administration in office.



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