Rocky Barker's blog: Craig's departure would fundamentally change salmon debate in Congress

Craig has been just about enemy number one of preventing extinction of salmon runs in Idaho. Barker doesn’t say “enemy of salmon.” He takes the lighter, “leading defender of the BPA” (Bonneville Power Administration, which “wheels” the electricity from many of the salmon-killing dams on the Columbia River and the Snake River (both in the state of Washington).

Barker’s blog in the Idaho Statesman.

“He’s consistently made a nuisance of himself on every environmental issue since he’s been there,” said Janine Blaeloch of the Seattle-based Western Lands Project. “The legislation he’s supported has left public lands policy in the Dark Ages.” This is from another article on Craig. Craig fallout: Idaho will lose millions, influence. By John Miller. Associated Press Writer.

And here is another column about Craig’s hostility to conservation, plus a good history of things he has done over the years, which we remember, but the public has forgotten (assuming they every became aware of them). Craig no friend of ‘greens’ in the Northwest. By Joel Connelly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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  1. Buffaloed Avatar

    This is my main reason for my joy in his departure. Huffington Post reports that he will resign tomorrow.

  2. kt Avatar

    News reports are saying that Larry Craig may lurk in the Senate until Sept. 30. If that is the case, it looks like Craig is going to try to inflict the maximum environmental damage possible before going away. Likely terrible pro-ranching pro-logging riders of some kind assoicated with Appropriations Bills. Let’s hope the Dems don’t pander to him, in some warped “collegiality”. I wouldn’t put it past them.

    Craig’s environmental legacy: Streams polluted by cattle waste across our public lands, clearcuts, and salmon nearly extinct. So if he stays ’til the end of Sept:Will he try to bring home some more bacon for his ranching buddies Simplot and the Brackett clan in the Jarbidge – as his last maneuver? Craig has been downright demented over the Murphy Complex fire. I wouldn’t put anything past him – his hatred for the environment must somehow stem from the lie that has been his life.


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