Idaho Fires: Fire Near Tamarack Grows, Crews Get Handle on Fire Near Ketchum. By Courtney Lowery. New West.

Tamarack is a relatively new, posh, ski area and real estate development west of Cascade and McCall, Idaho.

Note: the huge East Fork and Cascade fire complexes are east of Cascade and McCall.

More on Idaho fires . . . as expected Labor Day was a bad on in much of the East Fork fire Complex. Here are the details from inciweb.

Part of the East Fork complex burning near Warren, ID

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2 Responses to New Idaho Wildfire Fire Grows as Crews Get Handle on Castle Rock Fire Near Ketchum

  1. be says:

    a friend jumped grays creek. apparently it started in the brush moved 13 miles in a very short time ~ now it’s in the timber. people were parked up on Mesa hill looking down at the whole fire still moving northeast ~ straight for tamarack.

  2. Layton says:

    Just about 21,000 acres as of 08:00 this A.M. Goin crazy again today.



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