Pittman-Robertson Act: 70 years of conservation dollars

This tax on hunting equipment has provided $5-billion for conservation over the last 75 years. It has done a lot of good, but it also ties the USFWS to”game” wildlife rather than wildlife in general. Regardless of your view, every conservationist should know about Pittman-Robertson and the related Dingell-Johnson Act (Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration Act) which is funded by a tax on sports fisheries equipment.

Story. Pittman-Robertson Act: 70 years of conservation dollars. Since 1939, taxes on archery, shooting and hunting equipment have meant nearly $5 billion for conservation. By Jeff Dute. Outdoors Editor. Press Register (Huntsville)







  1. Jon Way Avatar

    The PR Act has done a lot for wildlife conservation but it is very frustrating that wildlife watching makes so much money and none of it goes to wildlife conservation – must goes to the general economy. There should be a tax on all cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, etc, to have non-hunters pay for wildlife conservation as well. At least a 1 % tax would add tons to wildlife conservation.

  2. Monte Avatar

    I agree. The non-consumptive users should pay their fair share too.