The "one-shot" antelope hunt

This is a major event each year in Wyoming, with a limited number of contestants trying to shoot an pronghorn with just one shot.

Tradition Brings Hunters to Wyo. Event. By Ben Neary. Associated Press Writer.

Governor Freudenthal is a great shooter, apparently loves hunting, worries about the decline of the sport; but doesn’t worry much about the decline of habitat.

The article also discusses the decline of hunting as the United States becomes more urban, but I think there is more going on than this by far. We have a general problem.

The country is aging and getting fat and children increasing stay indoors and are often encouraged to stay there by parents who have become unduly worried about the dangers of outside.   It heard this slogan the other day. I like it “no child left inside!”






  1. skyrim Avatar

    “Duncan’s killed 18 elephants, 20 lions and more than 50 cape buffalo” It’s about damn time that blood sport went the way of the caveman………

  2. Pronghorn Avatar

    Making a competitive game out of killing sentient beings– how ego-driven, how pathetic. Where’s Dick Cheney when you need him?

  3. Layton Avatar

    BUT —- it’s OK if the wolves kill these “sentient beings” — right??

    OK, I’ve got it now — I think I understand!!


  4. Jay Avatar

    You’re being stupid again Layton…are you telling everyone you can’t distinguish between killing for survival and killing for entertainment/sport?

  5. Hansa Gruber Avatar
    Hansa Gruber

    Sorry to be so ignorant. Who is Duncan? And – what job does he do that he has time to kill all of these animals?

  6. skyrim Avatar

    You need to read the article Ralph posted.

  7. elkhunter Avatar

    I have read in alot of different places that the Elephant populations is beyond carrying capacity of the environment and that hunting is one of the means they use to try and control populations. I dont really know if they have natural predators besides us. Buffalo I heard are very dangerous to hunt.

  8. Layton Avatar

    Kinda funny how anybody that disagrees is “stupid” and those that consider animals as “sentient beings” are somehow endowed with tremendous IQs and wonderful insight — someday maybe I’ll understand that too!!

    So what’s the deal Jay?? Is it OK to kill em’ if you eat em’??


  9. skyrim Avatar

    “In 1989, when they (African Elephants) were added to the international list of the most endangered species, there were about 600,000 remaining, less than one percent of their original number.

    Asian elephants were never as abundant as their African cousins, and today they are even more endangered than African elephants. At the turn of the century, there were an estimated 200,000 Asian elephants. Today there are probably no more than 35,000 to 40,000 left in the wild.”

    Hunters and the old “carrying capacity” mantra.

    What if a man’s religion suggested (or otherwise) that he should not kill or eat sentient beings? Would you respect that issue?

  10. Jay Avatar

    Did I say anything about anybody’s tremendous IQ’s? Show me where I say that dino-boy. I simply pointed to a ridiculous comparison between an animal hunting to feed itself and sporthunting. If you really think those two things are equivalent–filling your belly vs. putting a head on your wall–than yeah, you’re being stupid. And yes, killing something to eat it is fine, and I’ve alway made that argument.

  11. kim kaiser Avatar

    to answer who is Duncan

    Duncan, who ranks 85th on Forbes’ billionaires, worth more than $8 billion. On some 60 safaris in Africa, he has killed 18 elephants, 20 lions and more than 50 cape buffalo. He holds top hunting awards from groups such as Safari Club International.

  12. Idaho sportsman Avatar
    Idaho sportsman

    Well let’s put everything to perspective. Hunting is legal, whether we do it in a highly publicized manner or privately. Secondly, sportsman (hunters) pay heavily for the priviledge to hunt and with our tags, license and federal fireams tax fees(guns, ammo and accessories). Without these funds the state’s refuge’s and our national refuge systems and most of the Fish and game departments would be bankrupt. Overall our hunting efforts preserve the animals and habitat for future generations. As for hunting in Africa on those safaris, in many localities hunting provides badly needed funds and employment to the villagers while discouraging rampant uncontrolled poaching. Again providing funds and a valuable game managment tool. While you may disagree with hunting it does make a difference and it is a productive tool and conservation mechanism. At least we don’t assume a holier-than-thou attitude and let you remain non hunters instead of spreading BS or try to force you to hunt. Rember this is the United States, freedom of choice!

  13. elkhunter Avatar

    Skyrim, Obviously I doubt that Africa could sustain historical populations given limited habitat that all animals run into. The source I found state that in 1979 there were 1.3 million elephants, then because of poaching for ivory they fell to 750,000. Now the populations are rebounding or stable. The interesting part is that in areas where elephants are concentrated he says “They can turn forested areas into grasslands”. So yes I would say that understanding how many elephants can live in a given area would be a HUGE management tool. Now obviously if they had more habitat, and migration routes were not disrupted because of human development, then yes I am sure they could move around like they did 1000 years ago. Unfortunetly this is not 1000 years ago, and elephants are experiencing diminishing habitat, so I would guess that they would need some sort of population control, considering they really dont have any sort of natural predator. So hunting seems like a good choice, we could always reintroduce some wolves over there and maybe they could fair better.

  14. elkhunter Avatar

    Skyrim, this is from a conference in Africa about the problem of overpopulation of elephants in certain areas and the damage they are causing to parks and forests. They discuss various ways to control populations like birth control and such. Maybe they should try hunting.

  15. Layton Avatar


    First you’d have to convince me that animals are “sentient” then we’d have to talk about the religion angle.


    Just like always, you can’t simply discuss things — you have to make it personal — how come?? Not capable of anything else?

    First of all, I didn’t even say anything to you, I commented on Skyrim’s post. Second, I think if I stooped to calling a person stupid (seems to be pretty popular here) I would be putting myself at a higher level IQ than that person.

    Second, you brought up the “sport hunting vs. survival ” thing, I didn’t. Third, just FYI, I DO eat what I hunt, I even ate the large bear that was formerly in the rug that is on my wall, and the steelhead, and the white tail, and the turkey.


  16. skyrim Avatar

    There are many views and definitions to that which you question. However, I believe that you and I are too far from any common ground to begin. With all due respect, the debate would be pointless.

  17. Jay Avatar

    Layton, did you not say “BUT —- it’s OK if the wolves kill these “sentient beings” — right??” in response to Skyrim and Pronghorn’s disdain directed at sporthunting? So, if you can follow the logic, you’re implying that sporthunting is no worse than wolves, or cougars, or bears, or what have you, killing to survive, would you not agree? So no, I didn’t bring it up, you did, even if you didn’t state it explicity. And I stand by what I said, that’s a stupid comparison. I don’t know you, so the only means of judging your intelligence is through the comments you make here. Maybe you’re a member of Mensa…maybe you’re not stupid, but that’s a stupid comment.


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