Female grizzly killed in fight with another bear in the Lamar Valley

Usually the news is another bear killed in conflict with people, but today news of a bear/bear conflict mortality . . . Grizzly killed in bear fight. By Gazette News Services







  1. kim kaiser Avatar

    another griz was found dead in the lamar less that 2 weeks ago as well,, i understaind that the carcas was not tended to in time and it was poached,
    2 bears in one valley!!,,,

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    You mean they found it and cut the claws off?

  3. kim kaiser Avatar

    well they were not able to determine a sex, at least that was how it was put to me, i can find out more if you would like

  4. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Yes Kim. Thank you for offering.

  5. kim kaiser Avatar

    one evening it was there, head and all, next day, not even a hide,,that is the info i have,,,,so i guess if you follow the park management practise on the second death, that is, remove the head and paws and leave the carcas,, which is still there btw, thats what would have been done in the first case,,one can make there on conclusions from that,, but,, if i hear more, i will let you and your readers know,,,

  6. Peter Kiermeier Avatar

    When browsing the original article on the Gazette webpage I found a headline on the sidebars leading to other articles, reading: Rancher cited for wolves killed
    By Gazette News Services
    BOZEMAN – A man who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars as he tried to find ways for cattle and wolves to coexist on his Madison Valley ranch has been cited for violating the federal Endangered Species Act because two wolves were killed on his property…….
    You might be interested to follow this one.

  7. skyrim Avatar

    That is an interesting article Peter. Thanks for pointing it out.

  8. Jjordan Avatar

    How do they know for sure this was a Griz on Griz encounter ? I was in the Lamar valley that day watching 8 memebers of slugh pack slumber high up on a hill side for most of the day. There was also a small Griz mulling around about half a mile a way. The interesting thing was the wolves never got up at the ususal 4 or 5 ish wake up time. I left around sundown and as I drove back through the valley towards Cooke City I was greated with the rising full moon which may explain why the wolves did not wake untill dark.

  9. Jim Avatar

    I believe there are photos of this on the YNP forum.

  10. Chuck Avatar

    where can I find the YNP forum

  11. Chuck Avatar

    Thanks Ralph, awesome websites with so much information.


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