It's "National Wolf Awareness Week"

New Mexico governor Bill Richardson went to far as to declare this unofficial week.

“Wolf Awareness Week” declared in New Mexico .







  1. d. Bailey Hill Avatar

    The article makes no mention of any other effort to inform the public about wolves other than the declaration and stating his viewpoint.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    I think there is probably more. Perhaps someone could find his proclamation or something?

  3. kira Avatar

    I live in southern Illinois and just across the river at Land Between the Lakes Natioanl Recreation Area (Kentucky and Tennessee), Forest Service owned. They have had Wolf Awareness Week going on since Sunday (October 14-20). The Nature Center there has 2 Red wolves. This week the center is focusing on wolves, especially the red wolves, with programs and activities.

    So obviously the “unofficial” week is recognised in other parts of the country, too.

  4. Ter Avatar

    Here is the link to the official proclamation from the New Mexico state website. Scroll down past the press release and it’s at the bottom!

  5. Mack P. Bray Avatar
    Mack P. Bray

    I read the press release and must say that New Mexico governor Bill Richardson seems to be quite progresive.

    Our Wyoming governor is not nearly as progressive. Wait a minute. Someone just now sent me a press release from his office. Here it is (my disclaimer is that this post is IN JEST, okay):

    Governor Freudenthal Designates “Wolf Unawareness Week”

    (Cheyenne, WY) – Today Governor Freudenthal issued a proclamation designating October 15-19, 2007 “Wolf Unawareness Week” throughout the state. The proclamation is part of a nationwide effort to negate the essential role of wolves in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

    “As keystone predators, wolves play a critical role in bankrupting ranching operations and destroying opportunities for hunting and guiding outfits to fleece wealthy, but ignorant, clients from the east coast,” said Governor Dave Freudenthal. “We must redouble our efforts to destroy healthy wolf populations because they cannot coexist with our communities and land stewards – both in Wyoming and across the country.”

    For more mis-information about the wolf control program, which will be in place if the damn feds will ever delist the damn cow, child and woman eating vermin and allow us to extirpate, er, ah, I mean manage them, please contact the Wyoming Game and Fish Department or Sportsmen for (some) Fish and (some) Wildlife.

    Text of the Proclamation Follows:

    WHEREAS, the wolf is not a symbol of wilderness, our wildlife heritage, and an
    integral part of natural ecosystems; and

    WHEREAS, a lack of knowledge of the benefits of maintaining biological diversity has flattened public interest in the wolf (thank God); and

    WHEREAS, the second extirpation of the wolf in the United States of America remains uncertain and depends upon decreased understanding of the essential role wolves play in nature; and

    WHEREAS, a cowboy hat is the only headgear I know that changes the neurons inside your head and it is suspected the effect is greater here in Wyoming, the “cowboy” state;

    NOW, THEREFORE I, Dave Freudenthal, Governor of the State of Wyoming, do hereby proclaim October 15-19, 2007 as: “Wolf Unawareness Week” throughout the State of Wyoming.

  6. d. Bailey Hill Avatar

    I googled and the only new info I found is: today at UNM Defenders of Wildlife has an info area set up outside on of the campus buildings; Oct. 27 DoW is sponsering a Howl-o-ween party; And an association of home schoolers were going to the zoo to see wolves and learn more about them. I haven’t found anything that expands on the article, {which appeared in a few NM newspaper}, or the info that–Ter– gave.
    A few days ago i recieved email newsletters from DoW and the Humane Society about awareness week.
    There are people in NM who are very angry about having wolves there.
    Oh well, Can’t expect details every time….

  7. TallTrent Avatar

    I support Bill Richardson’s bid for the presidency for many reasons, but one them has to be an enlightened viewpoint on wolf recovery.


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