Study: About 240 grizzlies live in Glacier park. USA Today .

Earlier, we have discussed the DNA population size study for the entire NCDE (at least 550). This is the first breakout I have seen for just the Glacier NP portion of the NCDE.

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11 Responses to Study: About 240 grizzlies live in Glacier National Park and immediate surrounding area

  1. Chuck says:

    about how many grizzly’s live in yellowstone????

  2. Gena says:

    Wow… I am surprised that there are only around 240 in all of Glacier. 3 years ago I took my first trip to Glacier and in one day I saw 19 bears, 8 of them were definately Grizzly. Glacier is such a expansive area I would have thought there would have been a much larger population.

    10 years ago I saw my first wild bear in Yellowstone which also happened to be a Grizzly. At that time I heard there were less than 1000 Grizzlies in the lower 48. I would be interested in knowing the current count today.

  3. My estimate is 650 in the NCDE + 650 in the GYE + 50 in the
    Cabinet Yaak/Selkirk/North Cascade. Because some of these recovery areas lap over into Canada -50 for that.

    1300 grizzlies.

  4. TallTrent says:

    There’s also a very small population in the Northern Cascades of Washington. Maybe 20 more?

  5. Linda Hunter says:

    TallTrent . . I would love to know your source for that information on the grizzlies in the Cascades as I live in Washington and have been trying to get the estimate for a while. Post it or email me at Thanks

  6. Mike says:

    240 grizzlies for a million acres is pretty good.

  7. TallTrent says: has info on the Northern Cascades grizzlies. I had read it wrong. It’s not 20 grizzlies, it’s 20 confirmed reports over the course of so many years.

  8. Linda Hunter says:

    Thanks TallTrent. . I have read that website. I saw a grizzly in the Cascades in 1993, but I believe my sighting was deemed unreliable at the time. (citizen report) Three years later I was able to find a record of a class A sighting report of a grizzly twelve miles away from where my sighting was, the day before my sighting. I hope this was a traveling bear who decided to stay. I hope we have more grizzly bears here than we know about.

  9. There is a web site devoted to each grizzly bear population including the North Cascades.

    Here is the one for the Cabinet Yaak, with links to the other populations.

  10. elkhunter says:

    Ralph, how many grizz in WY? And what areas, I might draw out on an elk hunt there next year.

  11. My quick estimate is there are 120 – 200 grizzlies in Wyoming outside Yellowstone Park.

    Of course this number will vary from day to day as they enter and leave the Park and cross from one state to the other and back.

    No grizzly hunting season has been set up yet.


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