Terry, Montana rancher fined $15,000 for eagle deaths

This guy set out an illegal poison for skunks and raccons. Coyotes ate the poisoned skunks and raccoons and died. Eagles ate the dead coyotes and died.

It was kind of like 1920.

He was fined for the value of the eagles; nothing about the use of an illegal poison.

Man told to pay $15K for eagles’ deaths. By Clair Johnson. Billings Gazette.

Terry, Montana has been in the news in the past.
A lot of wildlife violations at Terry, Montana. April 18th, 2007

 Terry, Montana man admits wildlife conspiracy. June 16th, 2007





  1. kim kaiser Avatar

    “Tibbetts asked the judge to consider a smaller restitution amount based on Montana law. “I feel $15,000 is fairly high. I realize this is a federal court issue, but we are in Montana,” he said.”

    what the heck does “but we are in Montana” got to do with it?

  2. jerry black Avatar
    jerry black

    Kim…to answer your question.
    Third, fourth, 5th or whatever generation Montanas have a god-given right to do what ever the hell they want. Be it poison animals, shoot wolves, trash the rivers, overgraze public lands, etc, etc.
    Just read the “comments” at the end of the story in the Billings paper. That will give you some idea of their mentality. One in particular reads..”Good job Tibbetts! More people should use Furidan and we wouldn’t have so many predators out there killing livestock.”
    You must not live in Montana.

  3. kim kaiser Avatar

    I guess i should have put a sad face or some sort of clarification on it, i understood the fine montana tradition,, just seemed a rather stupid and arrogant remark,,,,, like,,, why do i have to abide by federal laws,,,,I live in MT,,,

    i have gotten to where i dont read comments on the loal papers anymore,, usually, they are skewed badly to the pro death solutions.

  4. Mack P. Bray Avatar
    Mack P. Bray

    Timothy B. Sundles, the scumbag who tried to kill wolves with meatballs laced with aldicarb, faced a maximum penalty of six months in prison and a $25,000 fine but got off with six days in jail, two years of probation, a $1,510 fine, was banned from federal or public lands for two years (who checks this?) and had to pay veterinary bills of $128.90 for treatment of three dogs who ate the poisoned meatballs.

    No dead or injured wolves were found, but several other animals were injured or killed by the poisoned meat, including a coyote, a fox, several magpies and three domestic dogs.

    Sundles manufactures ammunition by the brand name of “Buffalo Bore.” Retailers, including Cabela’s, need to be made – they may not want to do business with him.



  5. kim kaiser Avatar

    Jerry, i didnt see the last part of your statement, i do in fact live part of the year in gardiner,MT

  6. timz Avatar

    I wonder if any of those that lost their pets to Sundles poison are considering a civil lawsuit? Seems that would cost him more than the paltry fine he paid.

  7. Trout Underground Avatar

    The comments in the Billings paper truly were educational. Sundles for president!

    I loved “but we are in Montana.”

    New State Motto: “Life is Cheap in Montana”


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