Wyoming Rep. Barbara Cubin Will Not Seek Eighth Term

Cubin has long been the worst member of the Wyoming congressional delegation, a complete enabler of the energy industry in opposition to private property rights, protection of Wyoming public lands and wildlife, and against making sure the energy industries pay the legally required amount of royalties.

My view is good riddance, but she would have probably been defeated anyway. This is also an effort by the Republican Party to save the congressional seat.

Story:  Wyoming Rep. Barbara Cubin Will Not Seek Eighth Term. By Brodie Farquhar. New West.






  1. Mack P. Bray Avatar
    Mack P. Bray

    Cubin will NOT RUN…! Let’s have a celebration party…!

    In ’01, Cubin held a fundraiser in Jackson and invited then speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert.

    I couldn’t resist.

    I crafted a *scathing* 1 page handout, adjusted the gonads, and handed ’em out in the rain as people drove in. Headline was “Representative Barbara Cubin – Hypocritical Oil and Gas Puppet, Anti-Environmental Extremist or Both? You Decide.”

    Apparently participants thought I was passing out a program or something, because they willingly accepted them. Sure enough, Cubin pulled up, rolled down her window, accepted my handout, scanned it and gave me her famous beady-eyed rat stare.

    I didn’t count cars, but there couldn’t have been more than a couple of dozen. Captain Bob (who knows Captain Bob?) was inside and told me later that perhaps 30 people participated. The lack of interest must have been a huge embarrassment for the witch.

    Get ’em, Gary Trauner.

  2. BobCaesar Avatar

    No Cubin… is a good Cubin!

    Seriously Barbara, Thanks for your years of “service”. It is too bad you weren’t able to completely devastate and embarrass the entire State of Wyoming, but … my guess is you’ll keep on trying even from private life!


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