Hayden Pack found near 7-mile Bridge!

The Haydens have largely survived are have been found nowhere near their old territory, where yesterday 15 !! Mollies were hanging out.

The remnants of the pack were near Sevenmile Bridge on the Madison River about 10 miles east of West Yellowstone. There were 5 Haydens spotted, the only clearly identified one was the black pup. There is probably one adult Hayden with them. So it seems the Mollies probably nailed one more adult Hayden and one pup, although perhaps they just dispersed elsewhere alone.

The Haydens are not home free, however. They are not far from the Cougar Creek Pack which holds down the territory north of Madison River between about Sevenmile Bridge and West Yellowstone.

Even more interesting, several Bechler wolves have moved way north of their territory in Bechler Meadows in the SW corner of the Park. They are probably dispersers from this rarely seen wolf pack, and one or more of them could hook up with the adult-poor Haydens.

This information came from Dan Stahler of the Yellowstone Park wolf team.






  1. Cindy Avatar

    I’m glad to see that at least some of the pups and an adult from the Hayden pack have been spotted!!!! While the store of the alpha pair being killed made me cry, news that the pups have been spotted has brought me renewed hope for the Hayden pack!

  2. michelle Avatar

    Thank you so much for the update. I have thought about this bunch every day and I am so happy there is still some hope for my new favorite pack, especially that little black pup. I was truly blessed to be able to watch them for a few weeks this summer. I hope that the remainung members survive!

  3. Izabela Avatar

    I was in YSNP on Friday after the Tuesday’s fight. I saw some wolves but not sure what pack it was (BIG black one and 2 white ones).
    I was very sad and upset about the Haydens pack but…I guess, mother nature knows best..better than a someone shooting them with the rifle…

    I hope the Haydens will do well…

  4. TallTrent Avatar

    So close, yet so far away with the West Entrance to YNP closed to vehicle traffic. It would be great to get in to the park and see the Hayden Pack again. Definitely glad to know that some of them made it.

    Ralph, thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the situation.

  5. Chris Avatar

    I saw Mike Nolan’s pictures of the Hayden pack before they were attacked by the Mollie pack. It is great to know that at least at this time some have made it.


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