Sylvan Pass will stay open

The final decision for winter use for Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks has been signed. Sylvan Pass will remain open this winter with the use of howitzers and helicopters for avalanche control despite the huge cost of doing so for a trickle of snowmobilers.

The Park Service, however, will not send personnel up to shoot shells into the snow if they deem it too dangerous, as has been the case in the past. So at least Park employees will not be expected to sacrifice their lives for the perceived benefit of a few Cody, Wyoming businesses.

Once again, I think this illustrates what I said about Cody, Wyoming as Wyoming town most negative to wildlife and sound management of Yellowstone Park in the public rather than a parochial interest.

Story in the Casper Star Tribune. Sylvan Pass will stay open. By Whitney Royster.




  1. Peter Kiermeir Avatar

    I stayed in Cody for a few days in May. I wanted to see the museum otherwise I would not have chosen Cody as my destination because of the bad airline connections. Furthermore, I was not aware that Cody is so anti wildlife. I overheard quite a few german words in Cody, even in May, start of the season. So Cody seems to be quite popular with tourists. When walking main street Sheridan Ave you´ll see that most of the business there is “tourism related” and “wildlife related”. Tourism in Cody on the other hand means Yellowstone National Park, means wildlife watching. When you listen carefully you´ll learn, quite many people make Cody their homebase to venture into the park every day. To me it seems not very convenient but ok, you can make it and you have the added bonus of a city every night if you need this. Cody business should clearly show their dedication for wildlife (including wolves and bears, whose pictures they sell at every corner). What about an initiative “Cody business pro wildlife” or do they have to fear broken windows if they commit to wildlife?

  2. TallTrent Avatar

    Now the Wyoming Attorney General is challenging the Winter Use Plan:

    More evidence that the people of Cody and Wyoming do not want sound management of Yellowstone National Park.

  3. mikarooni Avatar

    Cody is just after money, always was and always will be. They followed and still follow Paul Hoffman’s ideological lead, although it hasn’t actually been good for them. The “city fathers,” more like a bunch of mothers in my opinion, just twittered to the point of soiling themselves for years trying to sell themselves as a playground for the motorcyclists going to and from Sturgis and I guess the strategy worked. During my last visit to Cody, Sheridan was so clogged with degenerates on motorcycles that you couldn’t hear yourself think; they were making drug deals and whores were working the street in broad daylight. It was disgusting; but, it apparently got worse. Soon after, the Hell’s Angels actually held their annual meeting in Cody and, to make sure that the local law enforcement was clear on how to act, the “angels” picked up the sheriff’s grade school daughter after school and gave her a ride home. As far as I’m concerned, the good people of Cody have asked for and deserve whatever they get and a good outbreak of flesh-eating bacteria would seem to fit the bill.

  4. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Talk about a new insight on the place. That’s really something, milkarooni!

    I had noticed the growing presence of 1 per centers in the gereral area, but I just thought they were on their way to Sturgis

    Thanks for the post.


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