Canada creates huge protected forest reserves. Area is as big as 11 Yellowstones.

 Some good news for the vast, but increasingly threatened boreal region of Canada.

Canada creates huge protected forest reserves. Area as big as 11 Yellowstones offers buffer from oil, mining. AP in MSNBC.






  1. Wendy Avatar

    Thank you Canada!

  2. Ter Avatar

    Boreal forests are good carbon sinks, something we desperately need. Thanks Canada!

  3. steve c Avatar
    steve c

    Pretty sad that we are going in the opposite direction..

  4. d. Bailey Hill Avatar

    Way to go Canada!! Thank you!! At least one country is making a stand in the right direction.
    The stance of the US has been that of a spoiled brat; the attitude of “If so and so won’t make changes for the better, then neither will we”. Very sad indeed.

  5. JB Avatar

    Canada looks better everyday…

  6. Vicki Avatar

    Thank you Canada, for setting a great example. Too bad the American governement rarely learns from example. I am thinking that Canada’s eco-evolution far exceeds our own.

  7. Monty Avatar

    Isn’t this the 2nd time in the past 3 years that Canada has set aside a hugh national park. The other one I am referring to was in British Columbia (about 3 years ago) where I believe 15 million acres were given special protection: 5 million acres in a national park & 10 million acres would be “managed” by a diverse interest group. The 5 million acres is on the Pacific coast designed to protect much of the remaining native coastal forests & protect habitat for the “white Black bear” (I forget the name of the critter but the first letter of the name starts with a “K”). Way to go Canada!!!!!

  8. Dave Collins Avatar
    Dave Collins

    Wow! Some good news for a change.


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