Bush's Forest Service losses a big case

Wow! the legal kickback on the Bush Administration’s lack of attention to the laws is coming fast and furious.

Two days ago, it was the big sage grouse case (which impacts way more than this beautiful upland game bird). Now is it his administration’s misnamed “Healthy Forests Initiative.

Story. Associated Press. Appeals Court Blocks Bush Logging Rule

From the Sierra Club on the decision. Sierra Club Victory in Ninth Circuit Deals Blow to Bush Administration’s So-Called “Healthy Forests” Initiative.

The case is Sierra Club v. Bosworth.



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  1. Cowboy the Cat Avatar

    The increase in logging was passed off as a wildfire management tool, but when I was there a few years back, nobody in the agency ever thought it was anything but kickbacks to logging companies. It’s nice to see the rest of the country catching up.


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