Drilling operations reshape Colorado's landscape

Drilling operations reshape landscape. By Todd Hartman, Rocky Mountain News

Drilling and production are also reshaping Wyoming (the most), Utah, New Mexico, and soon, Montana, and North Dakota. All attempts in Congress so far to tighten up the the drilling have failed. In fact, they were dropped from the recent massive energy bill to try to gather one more vote, that of Domenici of New Mexico. Bush says he will veto the bill anyway.

Two Colorado House members put BLM on notice about Roan Plateau plans. By Bobby MaGill. Grand Junction Sentinel.

National Geographic (photos) on drilling the Roan Plateau.

Skytruth looks at the Roan Plateau. 





  1. cowboy the cat Avatar

    Maybe I’m just bitter, but it will be nice for some of this drilling to get into the areas that people with money enjoy… then maybe something will finally be done about it.

    Up in Wyoming, I always felt like I was pissing into the wind.

    You say “wait just a minute and let us LOOK at the data”, and you get f-ing steamrolled.

    Please, God, help conservation get a foothold in Washington. This stuff is heartbreaking.


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