Wyoming drafts wolf population regulations

The story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide says “hunting regulations,” but they didn’t in fact set hunting regulations.

Wyoming drafts wolf hunting regulations. By Cory Hatch.







  1. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    For those interested in following up this story, see the Wyoming G&F Website at


    This pages offers links to the draft regulations.

    In the “draft” trophy game regulations, chpt 21, the focus is, as we might expect, killing wolves.

    Of interest also is chpt. 28, which addresses monetary compensation out of the hunter/angler funded G&F Fund to landowners for big game and trophy game depredation on livestock. Note especially the formula for compensation of wolf kills on domestic sheep, which is number of animals confirmed as wolf kills TIMES 7.

    What deal.

  2. Dan Stebbins Avatar

    Should we have expected anything less from the state of Wyoming?

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