Reps. Young and Miller in Dog Fight Over Wolves

Don Young of Alaska is one of the most unpleasant and disliked members of the House, much like his cranky Senate counterpart, Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens.

His tactics on this issue are like his tactics on all issues — mean. Fortunately, polls shows voters in Alaska might be ready to finally defeat him.

The dog issue is a phoney. A handful to maybe a dozen dogs are killed by wolves in the wolf states each year. Almost all are hunting hounds that intrude into wolf territories while chasing bears or cougars. Think of how many dogs there are!

Young is angry for another reason, George Miller is sponsoring a bill to ban hunting wolves from aircraft over federal lands in Alaska.

Reps. Young and Miller in Dog Fight Over Wolves. Washington Post. The Sleuth (a column by Mary Ann Akers)





  1. Dorothy Keeler Avatar

    See explosive new video that blasts the justification for Alaska’s current aerial wolf hunting program and rallies voters to end it. Using testimony from Alaska Department of Fish & Game staff, a master hunting guide, and Board of Game members, this video exposes the fallacy behind Governor Sarah Palin’s claim that predator control is based on sound science. Declarations that the program is for the benefit of subsistence hunters are shattered with documentation showing that sport and trophy hunters take up to 73% of prey in areas where aerial wolf hunting has taken place. End Aerial Wolf Hunting rallies support for H.R. 3663, legislation now being considered in the U.S. Congress which will close the loophole in the Federal Airborne Hunting Act that has been exploited to allow this practice to continue. Five years in the making, this video exposes the truth about the stranglehold the hunting lobby has on wildlife management in Alaska.

  2. kt Avatar

    Thank you, Dorothy for this link. It seems ever more apparent that Butch Otter, Sarah Palin, and other western Governor’s, including Wyoming’s not-really-a-democrat Freudenthal, have declared War on Wildlife. Somehow, they seem to believe their political Power derives from how much DEATH they can inflict.