Man's poisoning prompts debate on predator poison ban

Here is more on the dangers of poisons set out for coyotes (and soon wolves?).

“Curious, Slaugh touched the stake, and it exploded, spewing a cloud of sodium cyanide in his face and chest. Slaugh, 65, of Vernal, Utah, said he suffers long-term health effects from the 2003 spraying. He has difficulty breathing, vomits almost daily and can no longer work driving heavy equipment because he is too weak.”

Here is the AP story. Man’s Poisoning Prompts Debate on Predator Poison Ban.

Although the EPA is considering a ban on sodium cyanide and 1080 (sodium monofluroacetate), you might want to write to your member of Congress and ask him or her support a legislative ban. Note that the EPA’s action, which is hardly four sure, is a weaker administrative ban.

For example, Democrat John Salazar of Colorado is weighing in in favor of the poisons. Do Colorado residents know that? It is in the story above.






  1. Larry Thorngren Avatar

    Those coyote- getters have been around for a long time. I remember a young man from Arco, Idaho, who lost an eye when he pulled on one back in the 1950s. This War on Wildlife by the Sheep industry and their “Wildlife Services” has gone long enough. Poison baits of any kind should not be allowed on public lands.

  2. kim kaiser Avatar

    nothing like “green” democrats (salazar,, Dem, colorado),,, i have said it before, ,, when it comes to money, it doesnt matter if you are repub, dem, independent, nudist, communist, people do whats best for themsevles,!! given thin margins on voting in the houses, doesnt take but one or two to foul good efforts

  3. Monte Avatar

    Common sense would dictate we ban the use of these poisons on public land. But then, common sense is in very short supply on both sides of the political isle.

  4. Rick Hammel Avatar
    Rick Hammel

    I live in the Colorado 3rd congressional district. I just sent Salazar a note, asking him to reconsider. I also asked him to reconsider his position on Pombo’s ESA gutting excersize a few years ago. He was pretty ridgid back then.



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