Gas wells to be drilled upset local residents of Hoback area

These natural gas wells are a movement into a new area; one that is scenic, wildlife rich and where people live. As such it is causing a lot of controversy in the area south of Jackson Hole.

Part of it is in a national forest roadless area too (Grayback IRA).

Hoback wells process frustrates opponents. Rancher: ‘Are we just spitting in the wind?’ By Corey Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.



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  1. Cowboy the Cat Avatar

    Oh dear! You mean rich people will be affected by this soon? Well we better darn tootin’ do something about it then!

    Seriously, I don’t have the numbers, but that “400 acre” initial disturbance will be spread out over a lot more area than that, making it relatively useless to the local large ungulates (see the Pinedale Anticline mule deer study).

    I heard the “they have existing leases, so they’re going to drill” explanation all the time in Rawlins. Why bother even having wildlife biologists, then? It sickens me when administrations (state, local, beurocratic, federal… etc) talk about basing management on “the best science”.

    It’s a flat out lie. How do you combat such blatent flipping-off of the public and their interests?

  2. Monty Avatar

    At this point the only thing we can do is write letters & I have done that. It is inconceviable what we are doing to the land in the name of civilization. Everything is up for grabs!

  3. steve c Avatar
    steve c

    I guess wyoming gets what wyoming deserves for voting republican…

  4. Monte Avatar

    You mean if we all vote democrat the drilling will stop?


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