Congress authorizes $30 million to protect the Yellowstone River

This is part of a much larger water resource bill Bush vetoed. He said was too expensive. Congress overroad his veto.

This is from the Greater Yellowstone e-news.

“Congress authorizes $30 million to protect Yellowstone River – It’s been over a decade since the historic floods of 1996-97 spurred an unprecedented wave of environmentally-destructive bank stabilization activity along the Yellowstone River in Montana. Now, thanks to the new Water Resource Development Act (WRDA), passed by Congress over the objections of President Bush, $30 million has been authorized for restoration projects to repair and protect the river from further damage.”

Full story. Yellowstone River Floodplain Protection. GYC e-news. The project is to prevent further harmful kinds of bank stabilization on the Yellowstone River and repair some of the mess already made to protect trophy homes and other developments, mostly in Paradise Valley.





  1. Rick Hammel Avatar
    Rick Hammel

    Can you believe it? Congress finally overrode a Bush veto!!

  2. dbaileyhill Avatar

    I must be dreaming…..

  3. Heather Avatar

    That is the most wonderful news I have heard all week. We should send thank you letters to congress..

  4. Jon Way Avatar

    Bush will probably now allocate $30 trillion to Iraq just to spite congress

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