Yellowstone Bison Slaughter a Sham

Montana DOL in complicity with Yellowstone Park is at it again, corraling bison, from inside the Park, and sending most to slaughter. Rather than repeat my past reasoning about this, or my rants, there is a good article by George Wuerthner in New West.

Yellowstone Bison Slaughter a Sham. By George Wuerthner. New West.



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  1. Jon Way Avatar

    Maybe when we get these stupid rednecks out of office reason reason will prevail. Less than a year left. Shame on Clinton (Bill) for his administration not doing anything about it when he was in office.
    More government welfare in action (to the ranchers)

  2. Buffaloed Avatar

    Bill Clinton DID do something about this. He gave us this gawd awful plan that has killed thousands of buffalo and is well on its way to kill another 1000 or more this year not to mention the massive winter kill that is likely to happen. I dare say that this could be the worst winter yet for buffalo and the population may plummet if there is no winter habitat provided.

    Gee, I wonder what happened to all of that money paid to the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT) for wildlife habitat. What happened to Schweitzer? What happened to those cowards at GYC who think that hunting without habitat will solve the problem. What has Defenders of Wildlife done? What happened to the Organic Act? This is B.S. and all of those people who claimed that they were for wildlife and the buffalo have sold out.

    I don’t want to plug my blog here but I have posted all of the recent press releases and updates from BFC. They have some good suggestions and contact info in them.

  3. Catbestland Avatar

    This is one of the most shameful practices in the American west. Future generations will look back in disgust at the actions of Montana Dol when they realize that their wildlife heritage was sold for the profit of a few livestock producers.

  4. kim kaiser Avatar

    just to make you aware and to make things worse for the bison at the north entrance,, the lease the govt had has been terminated and they no longer have anywhere to put the calves that were waiting to go to a study facility,, now, they will be slaughtered with the rest,, it was in the bozeman paper and the livingston paper,,,

    this morning, there were at least 100 head of bison a the gate moving out of the park,, they were in three different groups, one lined up at the gate, another about 2-300 yards and anther bout 200 yards in the flats west of the entrance station,,,

    so,, more good news on the bison front!!!


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