British Petroleum’s plans for thousands of coal bed methane wells near Glacier NP are dropped

This is great news! BP drops Flathead coal-bed plan. By Michael Jamison. Missoulian.

I recently did a story on the grave threat of these wells to the water, air and land in British Columbia just NW of Glacier National Park.

The plans for the huge mountaintop coal mine (the Cline Mine) remain, however.

Here is the most extensive article. BP Drops Coal-Bed Methane Exploration Project North of Glacier Park. Flathead Beacon. By Dan Testa.



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  1. Mike Avatar

    Fantastic news. I hope to see this area as an addition to the the national park someday. It truly deserves it.

  2. Concerned Avatar

    THey need to put a stop on the Cline Mine as well

  3. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    This is good news for sure, but there is still the Cline (coal pit) Mine to deal with.

  4. April Clauson Avatar
    April Clauson

    Great news, a victory at last!!! Thanks!


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