The "green" rating of Montana's congressional delegation released

The League of Conservation voters has released its 2007 congressional vote rating.

New US Senator Jon Tester is the greenist with an 80% rating. Long time Senator Max Baucus is above the middle (typical place for him is near the middle). Baucus got 67%. The lone Republican, Denny Rehberg got 10%.

Story in the Helena Independent Record. Tester rates greenest. By IR State Bureau.






  1. kim kaiser Avatar

    i didint know where to put this, but i was watching cspan on sunday night, and sara palin was on gov of alaska,,

    i had seen earlier in the day that she was strongly against listing the polar bear as endangered and would make drilling a diffiicult proposition, and she has the gall to be wearing a jacket with a polar bear on the pocket,, what a bullshit artist,!!


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