U.S. to reconsider prairie dog status. By Clair Johnson. Billings Gazette.

Once again there is more endangered species fallout from the corrupt reign of Jule MacDonald’s period as a Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of Interior. A status review will begin for the white tailed prairie dog.

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  1. First off, this is encouraging, but this is like using a sledge-hammer to drive in a tack. I don’t know how other states treat the WT P-dog, but if Wyoming would just manage them with a hunting season instead of listing them as a predator and allowing at-will slaughter, that would go a long way toward fixing the problem. I think that’s where efforts should be focused.

    Now, I know that O&G is having a huge impact on P-dogs, but we can’t use the ESA to push that agenda every time. It will backfire eventually. I don’t know. It just seems like a stupid game dancing around with proposed listings that probably won’t happen when Anadarko is still out there tearing up the prairie. I wish I had a better answer.


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