Fish & Game investigate Mullan wolf kill

This is hillarious article, although not by intent. The “wolf kill” is not about dead wolves, but the shocking realization by some rural north Idaho folks that wolves kill and eat deer and elk.  Lucky there was at least one “avid outdoorsman” among them so these appalling facts could be uncovered.

We also learn that wolves howl, and when wolves make a kill they leave tracks and blood in the snow.
Story:  Fish & Game investigate Mullan wolf kill. By Ty Hampson. Shoshone News Press.







  1. AJ Avatar

    The “avid outdoorsman” is an idiot!

    They waste the meat?? Nothing goes to waste in the wild.

  2. Mack P. Bray Avatar
    Mack P. Bray

    NEWS FLASH…! Avid outdoorsman says wolves do not “use” the meat from elk they kill…! More scientific evidence for those that do not want wolves in their state…!

    Don Kotschevar, the avid outdoorsman: ““When a cougar kills it snaps the elk’s neck and salvages the carcass for days on end. In fact, all other predators other than wolves use the meat.”

    Mack P. Bray
    My opinions are my own

  3. Jon Way Avatar

    Most likely the wolves got chased off the kills by the “avid” snowmobilers. I bet they come back and finish them off when left alone.

  4. Jay Avatar

    The same B.S. that always is provided as evidence by these dumb-a$$es: “hamstrung”, fetus eaten out (probably no bigger than a softball at this time of year), etc., etc. There must be a book out there on how to sound like a redneck dipsh!t.

  5. JB Avatar

    “Most likely the wolves got chased off the kills by the “avid” snowmobilers. I bet they come back and finish them off when left alone.”

    LOL! I wish the wolves would come back and finish off the snowmobilers!

  6. dbaileyhill Avatar

    Good on you JB !! Survival of the Fittest !!

  7. michelle Avatar

    Avid sportsmen do not use the meat from their kills either, They kill them to get the biggest and best mount to hang on the wall. I asked a sportsman friend of mine once, “what does mountain lion taste like” after he had shot one and he just looked at me like “you don’t eat em”.

  8. Brian Ertz Avatar

    the worst is when they waste the rack

  9. Peter Kiermeier Avatar

    Looks like this “avid outdoorsman” has a very avid desire to show off! Maybe he´s just a little pervert. Some need to wallow in bloody details, especially when asked by the press…

  10. Linda Hunter Avatar

    I read an article just like this twelve years ago with only the names changed. . “blood all over the trail” Give me break! This is a formula article – just like a formula romance book. The theme, the descriptions and the conclusions are the same with interchangable details. I can only guess at the source for this “machine” but the people who mouth these “truths” to me are ones who are afraid that someday hunting won’t be allowed and then guns won’t be allowed. I don’t have anything against citizens having guns . I think it is an important right and I don’t object to hunting when it is to subsidize a food budget but it sure seems like they could go about this in a more sane manner than what I call local terror tactics. Wherever these stories come from they are an insult to the intelligence of most people.

  11. HAL 9000 Avatar
    HAL 9000

    Wow. Nature has teeth and claws. And violent death with blood and guts. Gee, whoda thunk that? And an “outdoorsman” who is grossed out by it and finds it “heart wrenching?” Oh, please! Dude, if it bothers you that much to see dead, bloody things in the woods, stay home and watch Animal Planet.

    You know, as a hunter myself, I find something very ironic about the way some other hunters try to describe wolves as if they are something evil. The way they describe wolves is exactly the way anti-hunting animal rights activists describe hunters.

    Folks, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

  12. Jay Avatar

    Wow, there was blood and guts all over the site where I cut up the elk I shot…it was HORRIBLE!! I guess I should be lumped in with wolves as being a sloppy, heartless killer.

  13. swjags Avatar

    Is it any wonder some conservationists aren’t thrilled with turning over control to the states?

  14. Cindy Avatar

    OMG, what did they think wolves did for food…order in Chinese? I’m supposing the “avid sportsman” (a term I would use loosely) has never seen blood and/or guts when he kills an animal just for the fun of it? I agree with Michelle, the hunters who kill for sport are the most wasteful animal on the planet!

  15. wetherman Avatar


    Check out another gory Mullan killing:

    Bottom of the page.

  16. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Thanks for the link. It looks like the link might soon expire.

    In case this has already happened it is about as very unpleasant human torture and killing of a moose in the Mullan area.

  17. Tyler Avatar

    As a Mullan resident, hunter and outdoorsman, and someone who does not live in the wildland Urban interface, I find it frightening that our fish and game at first refused that there was a wolf issue in and around Mullan. We were told that there were no issues with wolves North of I-90, but the fact is that we have them, and they are a close to town as my back yard(or that’s a very big coyote…and that is a joke).

    I think the fish and game department in Idaho have really dropped the ball ever since re-intruced the wolf, especailly since they introduced a species of wolf that is bigger than the native species that once lived in Idaho, but historically thier weren’t wolves in this area, and the elk and other animals are having a tough enough time with all the logging that is taking place, the last thing they needed was to constantly run from wolves, in a winter with larger than normal snow fall.

    And to people who aren’t from the area, this does not effect you to the copacity that it effects the people of Mullan so please keep your opinions to yourself, and for the record I am not totally anti wolf but I’m very pro elk.

  18. Tyler Avatar

    And as far as the very unfortunate incident with the moose, for the record that was by a young man who is troubled and has had trouble with the law in the past, the majority of our town is very upset by this and hope that this is an isolated incident and that everyone can learn from this.


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