Ray Liable is a wildlife watcher and great photographer who lives not far from me in Pocatello. I run into him yesterday, and he told me of his photo page.

He really has some fine photos, including ones this January of the Druid pups. His page also has lots of earlier wolf photos.

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6 Responses to Great YNP wolf photos!

  1. Catbestland says:

    Great photos, I especially love the one on the first page top row, with the dark wolf walking toward you. Click on that one. Now that’s the “Green Fire Burning”.

  2. Brian Ertz says:

    these photographs are beautiful, thanks to Ray Liable for sharing them all.

  3. vicki says:

    I second Brian’s post. Thanks.

  4. Izabelam says:

    Great pics . Ray Liable, thank you for sharing them with all people.
    If I may to post a link, I would like to ask you to check this site.

    Jess Lee has wonderful collection of wolves from 2007 and past.

  5. Jim says:

    You don’t get to see lots of Mollies photos so these are great. Is there any particular place in the Pelican valley that is good for viewing?

  6. Izabelam says:

    I think, I would ask Jess in the e-mail.
    I view his pic very often because they are just awsome.
    He laso leads tours and is booking for next year. I wish I had some more cash..:)


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