4.1 quake in Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone Park hit with 4.1-magnitude earthquake.

By Brett French of the Billings Gazette.

I notice that this quake was a little bit unique in that it is east of the location of the big majority of YNP earthquakes. RM






  1. vicki Avatar

    Bring on the latedt round of hysteria… I wonder if all the Yellowstone blows up movies a year or two back had an effect on the park’s revenue?
    I wnder if gas being so pricey will?
    Well, I am just thankful no one got hurt.

  2. Don George Avatar
    Don George

    Vicki,,,,,Reservations are above average in and around the park according to an article I recently read. Those that can afford 500,000 dollar motorhomes, and 200-300 a night lodgings don’t let $4.00 a gallon gas get in their way.


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