Wyoming Assumes Wolf Control

Wyoming Assumes Wolf Control. By Chris Merrill. Casper Star Tribune

Now lawful to shoot wolves at will in 87% of Cowboy State. By Chris Merrill. Casper Star Tribune

Wyomng wolves will struggle outside zone. By Chris Merrill. Casper Star Tribune

Endangered species: With wolves off the list, law suit on the way. By John Cramer. Missoulian.

Gray Wolf Officially Delisted Today. By Peter Metcalf. New West.



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  1. Bob Caesar Avatar
    Bob Caesar

    Hopefully, someone will form a wolf advocacy group to speak for wolves, maybe all predators?

    A group such as the Rocky Mt Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Isaac Walton and others, which although hunter based, do a whale of a lot of good! Those who support wolf reintroduction now need a place to put or money AND our mouths!

  2. Mack P. Bray Avatar
    Mack P. Bray

    Bob, Wildlife Watchers will be in operation soon – within a matter of weeks. We intend to speak for ALL wildlife.

    Check our concept below; web page is in the works.

    Wildlife Watchers Mission Statement

    The mission of Wildlife Watchers is to promote fair and balanced management of wildlife by relying on the Public Trust Doctrine. Our goal is to organize wildlife watchers into one powerful voice, while working with state and federal wildlife managers towards developing a system that promotes impartial wildlife management. Wildlife Watchers is pro-hunting and pro-angling. Wildlife Watchers will strive to develop partnerships at the federal, state and local levels to protect wildlife habitat, will help develop new sources of revenue for wildlife management agencies and will encourage and assist state residents to participate effectively in public policy decision-making. Through education of its members, Wildlife Watchers will encourage the ethically and socially responsible enjoyment of wildlife.

    Mack P. Bray
    My opinions are my own


  3. Sally Roberts Avatar
    Sally Roberts

    this is really nice. aren’t these the same guys who tried to have Jimenez put in jail for trespassing a few years ago? and now he is a saint? nice….

  4. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    On the contrary, (not to what you wrote Sally), but the article.

    Jimenez would lose all of the good will from conservationists. Goodwill towards him hasn’t been growing the last 3-4 years anyway.

  5. Brian Ertz Avatar

    i thought this interesting:

    It will be essential for the state program to have the support of ranchers, to prevent a slaughter of wolves that could lead the animals back to federal protection.

    this idea is waning

  6. BW Avatar

    What are you going to do and/or say when this great slaughter of wolves doesn’t occur?

  7. Gerry Miner Avatar
    Gerry Miner

    I posted this on another page, but thought I would post it again on this page….
    Word on the street from the town of Cora is they had a hell of a fine weekend wolf hunting–a town wolf hunt. Four wolves were shot. Sounds like maybe 1 in Black Butte and 3 in another pack near Daniel. They saw 5, but only got 3–1 radio collared wolf. It will be interesting to see where the radio collar came from.
    The person from Game and Fish who gave me the information didn’t know anything else, as they have no authority in the predator area.
    Weekend 1 and they killed about 15% of the wolves believed to be in the predator area. And that on a weekend when most of the rednecks were in Jackson for the Snowmobile Hill Climb. Should be a hell of a hunt next weekend.

  8. kim kaiser Avatar

    thats great, the sooner they overkill, the sooner they get back on the list and they can do it all over again,

  9. Buffaloed Avatar

    Bob Warff,

    I will be happy if there is no slaughter but I reserve the right to be very wary of you, your organization, the states and the ranchers.

  10. Buffaloed Avatar

    Woops, I should have read Gerry Miner’s post before I responded to you Bob. It seems the wolf slaughter is well underway.

  11. izabelam Avatar

    Oh..my God..
    I get so emotional..and I dont’ know what to do…
    I breaks my heart to read the post that the ‘witch’hunt just started.
    I think that by the 4/28/2008 there will not be a single wolf to defend…


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