Ranchers face charges after 34 elk shot dead. By AMY HAMILTON. Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

“Two Northwest Colorado ranchers, apparently frustrated by foraging elk eating hay intended for livestock, now face thousands of dollars in fines and multiple felony charges for allegedly killing 34 elk.”

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6 Responses to Two Colorado Ranchers charged with shooting 34 elk

  1. kim kaiser says:

    we should make a pool or kitty on what kind of time, money or community service will be doled out to these slap nuts. WHen the sentence is handed down, if any, winner gets a prize or something,,, just a reason to follow how the law will handle it.

  2. Mack P. Bray says:

    What’s wrong with this story? Everybody knows ranchers are good stewards of the land, take care of wildlife, and so on… 😉

  3. Welcome to the real “War on the West.”

  4. Rick Hammel says:

    These ranches are litterally in my backyard. I ride my bicycle by them most days when it is warm. Right now, there is a lot of deer and elk roadkill. It makes me wonder if all of these carcasses are the result of vehicles.

    I hope that these guys get the maximum for what they did. We won’t know for 5-6 months, providing they enter a not guilty plea. I am getting close the being called for jury duty. I will be unbiased in my duty.


  5. Linda Hunter says:

    This is SO ironic . . if there were wolves in the area they would have kept the elk moving at least.

  6. Jeff N. says:

    If wolves had killed these 34 elk, can you imagine the outcry from segments of the ranching and hunting communities. There’d be hell to pay.



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