The annual wolf conference begins today at Chico Hot Springs Resort at Pray, Montana.


The conference is sold out with the greatest attendance ever. It is sponsored by us (the Wolf Recovery Foundation), Defenders of Wildlife, and Yellowstone National Park.

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Ralph Maughan

Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University. He was a Western Watersheds Project Board Member off and on for many years, and was also its President for several years. For a long time he produced Ralph Maughan's Wolf Report. He was a founder of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. He and Jackie Johnson Maughan wrote three editions of "Hiking Idaho." He also wrote "Beyond the Tetons" and "Backpacking Wyoming's Teton and Washakie Wilderness." He created and is the administrator of The Wildlife News.

6 Responses to 20th Annual North American Wolf Conference begins today

  1. Nathan says:

    Wish i could be there! wishing everyone a successful conference!

  2. Chris H says:

    Have a great time Ralph, attending a wolf conference is both fun and enlightening ( at least I think so). Will there be any way to get a copy of some, if not all, of the presentations? That is to say perhaps something more than the abstracts?
    Thanks Ralph and again enjoy – wea wait your report back!

  3. Maska says:

    I second Chris’s request for more detailed info on the presentations. Having attended last year’s conference in Flagstaff and gleaned a wealth of information from it, I was really bummed that we couldn’t make it this year. Next year we’ll get registered on the very first day!

  4. Janet says:

    Yes I wish I would be there as well! I will be visiting Livingston Friday and hope to hear all about it.

  5. Lori says:

    I would also be interested in knowing how to obtain a copy of the presentations.

  6. The abstracts will be put in pdf form.

    Many people gave powerpoint presentations and said the research was not final, and would be submitted to scientific publications (meaning expensive to the general public)

    A presentation without at least a hard copy draft paper would not be acceptable at a political science convention (my discipline).

    I will try to summarize some after I’m home, off the laptop, and done roaming around.



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