Yellowstone Bison and the Fate of the Royal Teton Ranch Lease

Yellowstone Bison and the Fate of the Royal Teton Ranch Lease. By David Nolt. New West.

This great plan sounds like a way to give money to this religious cult and continue to kill and harass bison under guise of the brucellosis fraud.

Yes, it is a real disease, but very hard to pass from bison to cattle, and just a minor matter if it is. We’ve been over the matter of brucellosis on this blog a hundred times.






  1. kim kaiser Avatar

    did i read that right? it said that if the deal goes through, they will let 25 bison go into the area the first year…..!!!!!!,, that is ef-ing nuts, that many go out each day! and then they may let a few more the next year. who in the name of sam hill comes up with that S–t,, really,,,you know, you dont have to be a tree hugger or what ever to know that this pracise is simply WRONG..just an inhuman treatment of animals,,,,,I cant for the life of me know why more of these organizations arent just howling over this. Its bad enough they do it, and then suggeest allowing 25 animals the first year to be “allowed” to cross. I am fully aware that there will hve to be some sort of control and that no one is ever gonna allow them to wander truly unmolested, but this is just simply a poor exhibition as to the state of the human race,,

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Perhaps it’s a typo, Kim; but I didn’t take as such. It’s one of many reasons I wrote that this is not a good plan.

    The comments in New West sure are negative about this plan, except Marion Dickinson from Greybull who finds it “common sense.”