"Keep It Colorado" aims to raise and spend $800-million to conserve open space, wildlife

This is a very ambitious program, far exceeding the size of all federal efforts. It is a plan for Colorado only. Perhaps 1/4 of the money would come from and oil and gas severance tax. The bulk would be raised privately in cash or land donations.

Open space dreams to protect wild. Coalition’s goal would help protect land in 24 regions. By Jerd Smith, Rocky Mountain News

Update 4-25. Ritter gets behind severance tax initiative. By Ann Imse, Rocky Mountain News



  1. vicki Avatar

    Bill ritter has proven to be a proactive politician, hitting the conservation crisis head on. He has introduced numerous plans in effort to maintain the environment and help it.
    He really pushed for ethanol in Colorado, which was a misguided but well meant effort. He is someone who I trust to push for the right thing, as he ahs made effort when other have allowed their posteriors a big rest.
    He is doing something. That is more than most Governors do.
    He is someone who I would vote for in any election.
    Caldera however, is a backward thinking capitalist, who strives for big bucks all the way, no matter what the cost.
    My stand is, if taxing oil and gallon more will get it done, then we should tax it. People will have no choice but to pay it.
    Caldera also fails to mention that Colorado is running lower fuel prices consistently in comparison to the national averages. So if we pay a few cents per gallon more, we’d be meeting the national average per gallon.
    This is a very positive model for all states to follow. Maybe it would ease some of the concerns in other states, regarding space for predators.

  2. Linda Avatar

    The more we can do to conserve the wilderness, the better. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel once you get out of the city? It’s not just about carbon-offsetting or protecting endangered species, but also about recognising that we are animals who need a habitat. Brick boxes just aren’t healthy for us.

  3. Indamani Avatar

    What you said is so true. I go to the mountains every chance I get and when I’m there I always feel I can’t describe how good it feels.

  4. Indamani Avatar

    I go to the mountains every chance I get and when I’m there, I can’t describe how good it feels. There, that sounds better.


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