Gillette to stand trial in Challis for attacking Lynne Stone

Anti-wolf activist to stand trial. Idaho Mountain Express.

Update May 1. A No Contact Order that says Gillett cannot come within 300 feet of Stone or within 100 feet of her vehicle, has been extended for four more months. If Gillett violates it, he will be arrested and taken to jail.

Also unknown at this time, is whether Gillett will be charged with attempted robbery for trying to snatch a $1000.00 camera from Stone’s hand.






  1. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    I hope he receives the maximum on these counts, perhaps it will send a message to the other extremists out there, and will head off another incident which could turn out far more serious.

  2. Mack P. Bray Avatar
    Mack P. Bray

    Save bears, I second the motion.

    Lynne, we’re with ‘ya, girl…!

    Mack P. Bray
    Wildlife Watchers

  3. Monty Avatar

    As lawyers are “overpaid”, his trial will lighten his wallet.

  4. Nathan Avatar

    In a related subject, does anyone know the total count of Gilettes petition to get wolves on the ballot. I read the last bit of news on here that he was falling short..did he make it or not?

  5. Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.

    I hate to say this but if he is as provacative and hot-headed as he seems. A fine and short incarcerationmight set him over the edge. I sincerely hope that this does not happen (him going over the edge).
    Otherwise I wish they would “sock-it-to-him” as they used to say back in the day .

  6. izabelam Avatar

    Well, he deserves some nice treatment from jail mates..:)

    I missed his meeting in Ashton a couple of weeks ago.
    I would be next on his hit list…:)

  7. vicki Avatar

    does anyone know if the trial will have a jury? or will a judge be deciding his fate?
    If it is a judge, it may speak volumes as to the judicial mood in Idaho about wolves, even though it should be entirely about and abusive SOB who ought to be shown how real men treat guys who hurt women.
    If it is a jury, I wonder how it will end, and what level of objectivity they will have.
    I will hope he gets the max. I also want to know what is said in that court room.
    I will keep Lynne in my thoughts.

  8. Heather Avatar

    I hate to be the negative one here folks, but as you all remember a couple of years ago a hiker was hit by a motorcyclist on a non-motorized trail near the Great Burn in Idaho. The motorcyclist was given a small fine. The hiker had been hurt badly. So I dont have much faith in Idaho’s courts … bias exists in small towns.

  9. Heather Avatar

    Yes, I know I worked in the crime victim advocate office for awhile. it exists everywhere, but it seems there is hope he will be put in jail. I dont think so.

  10. vicki Avatar

    Hang in there. I doubt it too. My guess would be anger management classes, a fine , maybe probation. And a “have a nice day”, on his way out the door.
    I still hold hope.

  11. Chuck Avatar

    Yes I too don’t hold out much hope for him getting the punishment he disserves. But I do know this, he is a bully and one of these days he will try that same move on someone else and it will not turn out too well for him. Would be funny to see someone blast him with pepper spray and then give him a swift kick in the male parts.

  12. Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.

    In my comment above I neglected to commend Lynne Stone for having the courage to go through with pressing charges.
    Thanks Lynne, I’m with you and best of luck!

  13. Catbestland Avatar

    We can always write letters to the Judge expressing our opinions. I wouldn’t want to do so unless Lynne thought it appropriate. . . . What do you think Lynne? Ask your attorney. I’m sure there are many of us that would jump in on that.

  14. Catbestland Avatar

    Opinions as far a proper punishment in this matter, that is. I don’t think the Judge will care what we have to say about the incident.

  15. lawhite Avatar

    Gillette said two years ago that if the anti-wolf people didn’t get their way “people would get mean”. Guess he’s consistent, anyway, which most obsessive types are.

    I would sue him in a civil court if he is let off lightly in a criminal court.

    The funny thing about all of it is, in this article two years ago, they said that if wolf numbers fell below a certain point, they’d just be relisted again. That still remains true. Gillette can’t get his way no matter what he does…the wolves are here to stay… so he must be desperate by now, which was shown in this case. Do be careful.

    I’ve found consistently that anti-wolf coalition people are impossible to reason with, no matter what facts you put in their way. The only people we can reach are those who haven’t made up their minds about it. The anti-wolf people are afraid of wolves (fear is ALWAYS behind hate, a psychological fact) and nothing will shake that fear. Big, bad men up against bigger, badder wolves…that’s what they hate most!


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