Group sues, says fence impedes jaguars

Group sues, says fence impedes jaguars. JJ Hensley. The Arizona Republic

The fence has doomed jaguar recover in the Southwest unless there is an organized reintroduction like the wolf to the Northern Rockies.






  1. swjags Avatar

    I agree with Ralph’s comments but given the mood of the local xenophobes (check the comments on the AZ Republic site) and the difficulty of the Mexican wolf introduction it seems we’ll have to content ourselves with El Tigre on the other side of the wall.

  2. SmokyMtMan Avatar

    That wall is an environmental disaster, but with the current climate of fear in the U.S. that has been so carefully orchestrated and created by the Bush administration, it is quite apparent that the wall will be up for a very long time.

    Perhaps a decade or two from now we will be able to bring down that wall like the Germans did to the Berlin Wall.

    However, I see nothing stopping that wall, and that is a damn shame.

  3. jimbob Avatar

    The funny (or not so funny) thing is that wall will ONLY stop the animals and jaguars in particular. It ain’t gonna stop humans–it’s just being put up so some republican-supporting company can make millions. Everybody, including Bush knows that it won’t stop illegal immigration.


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