Wyoming hunt: Bad wildlife management

Wyoming hunt: Bad wildlife management. Guest Commentary by Vicki Fossen. The Greeley Tribune. “Vicki Fossen of Greeley is a proud mother of four who believes we all have an obligation to respect the environment.

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  1. Heather Avatar

    Awesome Vicki! very moving and objective….

  2. dbaileyhill Avatar

    Great job Vicki! I am not sure if my email is working properly yet. I re-sent the dates on Sat. morning. If you didn’t receive it post a message to me here. Thanks!!

  3. Catbestland Avatar


    Great job. Someone from YNP sent a copy of this article to me 2 days before it was published. So someone sent it to them first. Interesting!!!

  4. vicki Avatar

    Thanks all.
    That is very interesting. It was actually published on the 29th of April. But it has obviously made some rounds. That is a great thing.
    I have read some of the comments that were posted through the paper. They are pretty typical. Stay out of Wyoming, wolves eat things, some were pretty middle of the road(those seem to be the people we could sway).
    The only comment that was reported in the actual paper so far was supportive. That was nice.
    I appreciate all of the support!
    I plan to write more, and keep plugging along! I am not as good at writing the technical stuff as many folks here (I am lucky to be surrounded by wisdom and intellegence here). But I can really do graphic and descriptive, and emotion. (I am sure some of you have noticed I can get people realy fired up! lol).
    I have finished one book for children, and it is on it’s way to the illustrator. (I mention WW in the preface-as a resource tool for parents wanting to educate their kids.) The book is one of three. It will take a bit before it comes out, I am sure.
    But, I am starting a new project. I am writing a book about the emotional side of conservation. I hope to gather as many stories of pivotal experiences people have had outdoors. I hope to write a book about what made people want to conserve their outdoors. (ie: first experience, bonding, viewing, etc.) I want to then incorporate their stories into the push for saving our natural resources and setting aside more habitat. If anyone wants to include their experience, you can email it. If and when it is published, I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to WW.

  5. Rick Hammel Avatar
    Rick Hammel


    Good job! I read some of the comments of people who took the time to comment. I felt that I should also comment. Here it is:
    “As I live just 35 miles south of Wyoming, I guess I can comment. I have been following the Wyoming wolf plan since its inception. I felt it was bad then, and it has not changed that much since. It was peer-reviewed by 11 scientist. Most said it was lacking in substance. One reviewer, Dave Mech, said it might work.

    From my perspective, it is working just as the framers want it to work; remove all of the wolves from Wyoming, except those in Yellowstone National Park and surrounding wilderness areas.”

    As I live near Craig, CO, I wonder if the Wyoming folks will accept my veiw? lol. At any rate, good work, Vicki.


  6. vicki Avatar

    Thanks Rick! And thanks for commenting too.

  7. dre Avatar

    Anti wolf petition drive falls short of goal-
    Looks like old Ronny G. couldn’t sway enough people…



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