Maughan: I'm back. Thank you Brian!

I just got home from nine days exploring the nearly empty backcountry of Nevada. It was time to get into the outdoors. Spring finally arrived for a week, and it was time to get away from the Dark Ages political regime that currently rules Idaho.

While in Nevada I didn’t have access to the Internet, although I took my laptop and one motel promised access, but couldn’t deliver. I didn’t bother to waste money for yet a another motel. It’s much better to wake up with deer standing around my pickup with coyotes howling nearby.

I thought Brian Ertz took over this blog and did an extraordinary job, and I want to publicly thank him for running this website during my absence. Of course, he will continue posting articles and comment.






  1. Gina Buss Avatar

    Hi Ralph,

    Welcome back. Your trip sounds fantastic – there really is nothing better than exploring the great outdoors.

    I’m a new fan of your blog…you’ve got some great stuff on here. Keep up the great work.



  2. Brian Ertz Avatar

    thanks ralph ! welcome back ! i look forward to the pictures of your trip ~

  3. Maska Avatar

    “It’s much better to wake up with deer standing around my pickup with coyotes howling nearby.”

    Ralph, I couldn’t agree more. We just returned from four days camping and hiking in the Mexican wolf recovery area. We found a few lobo tracks, probably from a member of the Fox Mountain pair.

    No computer. No cell phone coverage. Just plenty of elk to watch in the daytime, and the howls of coyotes and hoots of owls to serenade us at night. A little too much wind on Tuesday night, but you can’t have everything!

    Thanks, Brian, for taking over in Ralph’s absence–though I have yet to catch up on the items posted while we were gone.

  4. Mike Avatar

    Motel? Motel????

    Ralph, you’re losing it.


  5. Nathan Hobbs Avatar

    Welcome back Ralph,
    I agree nothing better than waking up in the wilds, And sometimes its nice to get away from the computers anyways!
    I just got back from a short excursion myself, wishing i could still be out.

  6. Chuck Avatar

    Yes Ralph welcome back, my favorite place to wake up is in Picabo with the sandhill cranes, sandhill cranes in the morning is simply awesome.

  7. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    The first time I ever saw Silver Creek at Picabo, I was on a business trip. What a sight!

    I stopped, got out my fishing gear, but had no canvas shoes or waders. I didn’t mind ruining my good shoes one bit!

    Now I’m pleased that wolves do come down and occasionally wander through that country.

    I last there May 3, and yes, so were the sandhill cranes.

  8. vicki Avatar

    Welcome back. I am wondering (after having just learned a bit about Brain myself), could we get some background on him? He helps here so often, I thought it might be nice to know a bit about who guides us here.

    Kuddos. You are doing a great job. Thanks for keeping the flow at a steady pace here.

    Sandhill Cranes are pretty amazing, there are quite a few in Colorado. They are responsible for a lot of the waterland listed as protected around here. I’m glad to see the pelicans right now too! It seemed odd the first time I saw a pelican in a lake, as a kid I had always seen the depicted on the ocean.

    I can’t wait for pictures Ralph. Will you post some? I grew up in the Sonora. There is little more awe inspiring than a sunset in the desert. Nature is a constant wonder.

    I passed through a path of destruction left by a tornado (I narrowly avoided being in it on my way home). In a very ironic way, it was just as awesome. I am glad more people were not hurt. What a way to take notice of Mother Nature’s wrath.

  9. Catbestland Avatar

    Welcome Back Ralph,

    I heard about that tornado in Greely. I wondered if you were anywhere near it. Tornados are very rare in that area aren’t they? I’m glad you’re safe.

  10. Richard Roberts Avatar
    Richard Roberts

    Good morning Ralph,
    Thank you for all the news and updates to all of us that live in other states, namely California. We are kept up to date on all the issues in your three state area. Things conservation wise in California are very different in that when the mountain lion was endangered we voted to not hunt it for 30 years to let it recover and adjust its population itself,

    Richard and Carmen Roberts

  11. vicki Avatar

    Thanks for that amazing photo. It brings back memmories.

    They are pretty common in Weld County. The weather yesterday was colder than usual for any tornados. The one that hit Windsor/Greeley stayed on the ground for about an hour and went all the way to Laramie and hit the Walmart there. They rarely stay live that long in Colorado, but do more often further east and south.(KS,OK,TX)
    Thanks for thinking of me, thankfully we are all okay.


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