Utahn scalded by hidden pool. Woman was walking with family members on established dirt trail. By Lindsay Whitehurst. The Salt Lake Tribune

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Ralph Maughan

Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University with specialties in natural resource politics, public opinion, interest groups, political parties, voting and elections. Aside from academic publications, he is author or co-author of three hiking/backpacking guides, and he is past President of the Western Watersheds Project.

4 Responses to Utah woman scalded by a hidden YNP hot pool

  1. avatar Nathan says:

    Hopefully she wont turn around and sue the parks
    they really need to put a disclaimer if they have not already on entry tickets into the park
    The geothermal areas are dynamic ever changing areas, there is no complete promise of your safety anytime you venture out into them.

  2. avatar Chuck says:

    Yes lets hope she does not sue yellowstone over it. Its just like if I were hiking the back country of yellowstone and were attacked by a bear, well I would not want the bear killed. People need to take responsiblity for their own actions.

  3. avatar SmokyMtMan says:

    Lawsuits against the Park Service always fail. The courts recognize that a National Park is a wild area where personal safety simply cannot be guaranteed by the NPS.

    This isn’t something to worry about. The NPS has been sued by victims of bison gorings, bear attacks, etc and they have all been thrown out.

    This would be no different. Let her sue, it’s a waste of her money.

  4. avatar vicki says:

    I doubt she’d sue anhow. I also didn’t see mention of that being her intention.
    I would guess she’ll think twice about where she hikes, and the NPS may re-route the trail…but life in the park will go on, pretty uneffected, as always.
    If suing got folks any place with the NPS, a lot more bison would be roaming the park right now…and a lot more suits would have been filed and won by now.



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