Judge Molloy limits late snowmobiling season in favor of Flathead grizzlies

Late season, high altitude snowmobiling has been a contentious issue for a long time on the Flathead National Forest. Here is a victory for bear conservationists.

Judge Molloy limits late snowmobiling season in favor of Flathead grizzlies. Daily InterLake. By Jim Mann


  1. Monty Avatar

    Does this mean that some folks may have to use their legs–instead of their rear ends–to recreate?

  2. vicki Avatar

    It is a postive move. Judge Molloy is showing depth, not being pro or anti…just being legally justified.
    He seems to be a middle of the road type of guy. He favors the common sense and legal approach, rather appropriate since he is a judge.
    I look toward his next decision, on wolves, and anticipate that he will allow hunting, but will likely recommend a limit to the state’s in their numbers, locations and classifications.
    Neither side will get their way, in my humble prediction. But both will win.
    I guess he will submitt a ruling that will send the states back to the drawing board. Both sides of the issue will have to rehash what they will settle for….and those of us who sit in the middle will be waiting for the other sides to meet us there.

  3. Ed Avatar

    Excellent. Snowmobliling benefits only the person on the machine. Anyone who has been forced to snowshoe or crosscountry next to these machines knows the noise and smoke make this about the last thing that should go on in an area with wildlife. Ride your snowmobile on the private hunting lands instead!


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