Daniel, WY cattlegrower has 13 more with brucellosis

More cattle test positive for disease. By Cat Urbigkit. Casper Star Tribune.

If any show up in a second herd, Wyoming will lose its brucellosis free status once again.







  1. dbaileyhill Avatar

    Now isn’t that nice??, the unnamed rancher can choose to take measures to ensure the genetic integrity of his pure-bred herd instead of slaughtering the entire lot…. Such SPECIAL consideration for a non-threatened, non-native species.
    —-But Americans have no say about how THEIR bison in the Yellowstone area are treated–a unique, native, purebred, endangered species.
    And we’re supposed to believe that our vote really counts??…
    Justice holds no meaning. Integrity is not valued and means nothing. Truth has no value. Instead, what does count is the ability to lie, to spin a yarn so outrageous, peddle it as factual, and actually get away with it. Grand rewards for being dishonest. What an accomplishment!!!
    Anyone who can continue the fight for justice, not only for the bison, but for anything honest and true, must have achieved “faith beyond measure” and deserves our support and admiration.

    The mighty bison are a symbol of that kind of strength. No matter what, they face the storm, and continue forward. They do not lose sight of their goal. They continue with determination crossing the invisible park borders, always moving forward , even when it leads into the trailer of the truck that will take them to the slaughter house.
    The bison stay true to their nature and instincts. It is “right” that they seek forage in the winter months. It is “right” that they continue to roam freely.
    They are never going to give up and stay in the park where their is no winter forage. If that were to happen, we can kiss our buts good bye.

    So what is the moral of this story??? It is, don’t be a cow! or a sheep for that matter. (I thought i should end on a humorous note).

  2. dbaileyhill Avatar

    Please excuse my silly spelling errors.
    Another correction—-“They are never going to give up and stay in the park where there is no winter forage.” ,and lay down and die.

  3. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    The large number of seropositives in this one herd, and the whole herd has yet to be tested, indicates a strong source of infection. It will be pure luck if another infected herd is not discovered and Wyoming doesn’t lose its Brucellosis free status a second time in four years.

    Nothing brings home the total failure of so-called brucellosis management in the Yellowstone Country as these brucellosis incidents in Montana and Wyoming. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and start over. They can start with closing elk feedgrounds.

  4. Indamani Avatar

    Robert Hoskins said, “They can start with closing elk feedgrounds.”

    I wish to add that they can also stop the senseless slaughter of the bison and admit the failure of the IBMP.

  5. dbaileyhill Avatar

    Robert Hoskins,

    In 2004, the word was that the US was still patiently waiting for an effective brucellosis vaccine from the Russian scientists/researchers at the biological warfare lab. I have not “heard” anything more about this. It was said that they were having success. I wonder if the Russians dropped the ball with the deteriorating relationship with that country. Do you know anything about this? I am curious as to whether the Russian vaccine research is ongoing and if they still intend to share their findings.
    However, I believe this is not a solution to the feed ground problems. Nature will find another disease to balance the overpopulation problem.


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