Out-of-state energy workers having a good time gunning down Wyoming wildlife

‘It’s pretty disgusting’. By Ben Neary. Casper Star Tribune.

Here’s another thing the oil companies don’t mention in their drilling propaganda.



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  1. Jon Way Avatar

    “We take our wildlife seriously in Wyoming,” Johnson said. “And it’s just the usual thing: Enjoy them, but don’t harm them unless you have a license.”

    Of course, the article should say we take SOME OF OUR wildlife seriously, since the guy probably would’ve got a medal for doing that to a coyote or wolf.

  2. natehobbs Avatar

    Hmm really gives you an insight at what would happen at other proposed remote oil drilling sites if the government allows them in….

    I also agree with Jon Ways statement.

  3. mikarooni Avatar

    I’m amazed that everyone is swallowing the premise that somehow this is just a problem with “out-of-state” energy workers. I’ve spent 50 years watching “energy workers” from Texas to Alberta with Wyoming in between and, trust me, poaching, thrill killing, and other disgusting behavior is common to “energy workers” and that class of easy money bottom-feeders everywhere and it sure doesn’t matter whether they are local or “out-of-state” or from Mars. Does everybody really believe that there was no poaching or AK-47-carrying miscreants in Wyoming before the energy boom or that there are no home-grown Wyoming poachers or that this behavior will disappear, never to be seen again, just as soon as the boom is over? Have any of you people been to Wyoming and looked around at any assembled crowd therein?

  4. dbaileyhill Avatar

    I would like to see consistent sentences and fines regardless of species, and not just for people from out of state. Also, there is a very good chance that guy does this on on a regular basis in his neck of the woods.
    After he is released from jail he should be escorted out of Wyoming and never allowed to return. I bet he’ll be shootin’ up the wildlife as soon as he gets home.

  5. dbaileyhill Avatar

    You are right. It happens everywhere, just more often in some places.

  6. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    Criminals, will do there business no matter where they are from..the wanton killing of wildlife just to kill is criminal period, and they need to be treated as such, there are plenty of criminals in every single state in the US..

    I am glad to hear this criminal got jail time a good sized fine, and I hope it sends a message, but unfortunately, I have my doubts..

  7. Ryan Avatar

    I am glad to see the stiff sentances imposed. I have hope that all poachers see the same sentances.

  8. Monty Avatar

    It makes my day that this “bum” was fined & recieved 100 days jail time. It’s too bad Wyoming doesn’t have “chain gangs” where this creep would have to break rocks all day.

  9. Heather Avatar

    The word is ‘sentence’- Ryan. Sorry, I am a stickler…

  10. Ryan Avatar


    I have a whole pile of emails that need spell checked, you game? =)

  11. TC Avatar

    mikarooni – holy cow, spare us the Wyoming bashing. I don’t know where you’re from, but I assure you, your friends and neighbors are not better people than mine here in Wyoming, and don’t care about wildlife any more or work for it any harder. Also – not that I don’t have major issues with the minority of oil, gas, and coal workers that have no ethics or common sense, but many of them are decent folks, and it surely isn’t “easy money” that they make. Rather than bash them on the whole, I’ve found it’s more beneficial to educate the willing about conservation and stewardship.

  12. Salle Avatar

    Yes, TC however,

    You can lead a mind to knowledge but you can’t make it think.

    It doesn’t matter where they are from… I’ve met more of them than I am comforatable about and they all came from this “let’s kill it”, gun toting country.

    “It’s pretty disgusting,” Hays said. “…These are not sportsmen; these are people out here with little or no values when it comes to wildlife.”

    And unfortunately, “these” are all over thanks to our education system and “lack of values” prompted by commercialism (usually TV).

    Might be time for Vespuccilanders to stop and re-evaluate their role on this planet and just how to go about cleaning up their act on all levels. The signs are everywhere.


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