House Natural Resoures Committee Invokes Rarely Used Powers to Block Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon

House Natural Resoures Committee Invokes Rarely Used Powers to Block Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon. Ascribe Newswire.

There is also an AP story on this unusual emergency action.

This is not only a threat to the scenic national park, but to the drinking water of 25-million people.

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Update: Permanent protection. Arizona Republic. Not quite, but for 3 years.

“Uranium mining and the Grand Canyon. What a terrible combination. And now it’s prohibited – at least for three years.”



  1. Alan Gregory Avatar

    Good! Darn good!

  2. April Clauson Avatar
    April Clauson

    Yeah, glad to hear it! I must say Governor Janet Napalitano is a great steward for wild life and protecting our natural lands and parks. I am an AZ’ing and I do like her! Hats off the her and the others that accomplished this great feat! I hate what this economy is doing, folks that once cared about these things don’t anymore, cause they are running scared and some like these miners trying to make a fortune on bad times!

  3. steve Avatar

    Have you ever thought about the way the planet is slowly dying. Fires,Floods etc etc etc etc Coal fired power stations & fuel guzzling vehicles ? well I think if we had Nuclear Power stations we would have less pollution, less worldwide deaths of nature & Man ! Contact me if your GAME ! !

  4. JB Avatar

    Wow, Steve. That didn’t sound like a sales pitch at all. [Now how do I get the eyes-rolling emoticon!?]


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