Brokaw backs wildlife

Brokaw backs wildlife. By Noah Brenner, Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw urged the leaders of Western states and the Department of the Interior to protect wildlife corridors when considering energy and other development.

If you read the MSM, TIm Russert may have been a journalistic saint in his position as host of Meet the Press, but I am pleased that conservation conscious Tom Brokaw is the new host and is speaking truth to power at the Western Governors Conference.






  1. Buffaloed Avatar

    I saw Brokaw mention this on MTP yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that he did. That being said I truly don’t think that Freudenthal gives a rat’s ass about wildlife in his state. He strikes me as one of those mealy-mouth republicrats who just tries to get along with the powers that be and doesn’t say much when asked a real question. He tries to please everyone in his answers by not saying anything.

  2. kim kaiser Avatar

    I keep seeing that its congress this and congress that,,, dont the democrats control congress.. BOTH sides HR and Senate… i seem to remember that during 06, they were running on “we are gonna get our troops out of iraq, gonna do this gonna do that, and except for a few piddley ass procedural things, they have done none of the Big things they promised,,,,,,

    now i know some of the margins are thin, but id nt that what politics is about,, making deals,,so why are nt they making deals to get stuff done,,,its no longer a republican congress,,,so now whose to blame,,,

  3. Monty Avatar

    I was stunned & pleased when Brokaw uttered the “word” wildlife on a national “talking head” TV news program. Brokaw has my vote! A number of years ago, Borkaw was on a PBS TV program about Yellowstone’s water falls. He actually hiked & camped out with some park rangers. Let’s draft him for Secretary of the Interior!!

  4. JB Avatar


    The Republicans still hold enough seats to filibuster, that’s why the Democrats haven’t been able to get much done.



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