NYT editorial: Keeping the Reserve in Conservation

Efforts to open up the CRP lands for renewed farming is one of the most damaging proposals in a long time, and we will see the sad results quickly in increased soil erosion, dust storms, and disappearnce of wildlife.  Then there is many billions of dollars paid over the years for this down the drain.

Pressure to open these lands is another sad effect of the mandate to push for corn-derived ethanol.

Editorial: New York Times. Keeping the Reserve in Conservation [Reserve Program]

Earlier on this blog. Judge halts USDA’s cattle-grazing plans on Conservation Reserve Program lands





  1. kt Avatar

    Wow! If the New York Times thinks CRP land is marginal for grazing – they should take a look at the BLM and Forest Service lands .in Idaho, Nevada and eastern Oregon. On these public lands, subject to welfare ranching for the handsome sum of $1.35 per cow per month, it at times takes dozens of acres to feed a single cow. Never-measured trampling damage is done as the beasts stumble around trying to find something to eat.


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