Tourists not to blame in death of aggressive YNP black bear

Yellowstone Park: Tourists not to blame in bear death. By Noah Brenner. Jackson Hole News and Guide.







  1. natehobbs Avatar

    park picnic grounds are full of bits and pieces of food on the ground. Lots of smells and its quite understandable how an animal can become accustomed to acquiring food at them.

    I think Al Nash’s statement is too soft on the tourists. All it takes is ONCE for a bear to become habituated to human food. One hand out and it will seek that source of nutrition again.

    I have told many not to feed the animals and i am often ignored in my request and watch gummi bears and bread get tossed at whatever critter is nearby. It would not surprise me in the least if this bear was tossed a sandwich or something. Even carelessly leaving something on a picnic table would be enough.

    I dislike eating at the picnic grounds and choose the tailgate of my rig for most meals but I often stop by in the late morning or early afternoon if I am having a slow day as far as photography is considered, they are always full of animal activity They make for good photo opportunities but its sad to see animals so habituated to humans.

  2. Peter Kiermeir Avatar
    Peter Kiermeir

    Looks like the next conflict is already around the corner:
    posts a human/grizzly encouter at Soda Butte Camp Ground.

  3. Ed Avatar

    This is the bad part of the major national parks, they are seen as some type of Disney park- Discovery channel combo rather than the actual outdoors. This is definitely the fault of tourists. Look at other areas with equally as great traffic and no signs of human animal feeding. Crumbs and improper trash disposal stir up ants and other insects not to mention disrupt the small mammals and birds.

  4. Peter Kiermeir Avatar
    Peter Kiermeir

    A German student was mauled by a bear in the Carpathian mountains of Romania last night. He and his friends had been warned not to camp in the area because of habituated bears. Promptly one broke into the tent and mauled the student. His comrades complained that the signs posting bear warnings are in Romanian language only!!!!!


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