Rey gives some answers on Plum Creek land maneuvers. Senator Tester gives a small amount of restrained praise. Missoulian. By Michael Jamison.

Mark Rey has given a few answers on the closed door deal with Plum Creek timber and his (Forest Service) granting of road easements.

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7 Responses to Rey gives some answers on Plum Creek maneuvers

  1. SmokyMtMan says:

    fyi, that link is not correct.

  2. SmokyMtMan says:

    um, guys, the link is still not correct. It links to an article called: “High gas prices hinder powwows.”

    This is the link to the Plum Creek story:

  3. SmokyMtMan says:

    The link i still wrong.

    The correct link to the Plum Creek story:

    – thanks SmokyMtMan – the correct link should be restored.


  4. Dusty Rogue says:

    Seems like the BushCo. is anxious to get all of the blood they can suck from the taxpayers before they leave office when they can be brought to account iin civil court. If it was a good thing for Bill Clinton, it damned well ought to be good enough for Georgie-boy and his handler…~I mean buddies.

    Best action to take here is for the govs to wait out the clock on these rushed proposals. They certainly lead to a precedent we’d better not set.

  5. SmokyMtMan says:

    I like this how this deal was framed as protecting this huge parcel from subdivisions. I mean, with real estate as it is, banks in trouble nationwide, this land in the middle of nowhere, would subdivisions really have sprung up like daisies there?

    Or was that merely the justification for Plum Creek to get a price for its land that it would never have received selling to developers?

    I have a difficult time imagining that real estate developers and banks were lining up to bankroll such risky projects right now.

  6. Roy says:

    Actually Montana is one of the few states where real estate prices and sales are still somewhat holding up. And with the coming onslaught of retired baby boomers not having to worry about living near a job, the pace of developement is only going to pick up in the years to come. Right now, the slow sales of peoples home from where the’re moving from is what is slowing down growth in the mountain states. That will change.

    Plum Creek did negotiate very good price for themselves in this deal.

  7. Jon Way says:

    Something smells very Bushy!


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