Various stories on the big wolf lawsuit injunction

Of course, media coverage has been intense. Here are a number of stories that hopefully provide a variety of viewpoints.

Regional stories and editorials-


Judge orders wolf relisting. Casper Star Tribune.
Judge restores wolf protection. Jackson Hole News and Guide


Wolves again have federal protection. By Rocky Barker. Idaho Statesman.
Back to square one with wolves. By Nate Poppino. Times-News


Molloy restores ESA protection for wolves. By Matthew Brown, Associated Press and the Missoulian
Wolf Protections Restored in Northern Rockies, Hunting Halted. By Peter Metcalf. New West.


Judge Returns Gray Wolves to Endangered List. By Felicity Barringer. New York Times.
Gray wolves get back their endangered species status, for now. Los Angeles Times.


Federal Judge Orders Endangered Species Act Protections Reinstated for Grey Wolves – At Least For Now. The Questionable Authority. By Mike Dunford.

District Judge Reverses Gray Wolf Delisting Throughout Northern Rockies. News release from Defenders of Wildlife.
The long road to victory for wolves.
By Louisa Willcox. NRDC



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  1. Salle Avatar


    After reading the viscous comments on some of the Wyoming papers, it just makes me repeat what I’ve been saying…

    They’re PROUD of their ignorance. It fits so well with the brute force and ignorance way of handling any problem. As long as you can function by way of bullying and brutishness, it’s okay to be stupid.

  2. Bob Fanning Avatar
    Bob Fanning

    – “while the lawsuit was argued.”

    all the rest is verbose overkill.

    nice work Ralph

  3. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    paging bob fanning paging bob fanning
    paging bob wharff paging bob wharff
    table for two for the brothers bob
    On the menu today is great heaping helpings of creamed crow, prepared especially for you.

  4. Salle Avatar


    Excuse me but, please review this document and then tell me how you can rationally determine that this species is “recovered” in any significant portion of its historic range…….

    Any questions?

  5. Jim Macdonald Avatar

    Larry Craig is none to happy! 🙂 :

    When ranchers cry “wolf!”

    (press release by U.S. Senator Larry Craig)

  6. JB Avatar


    That was actually quite funny! Craig is practically begging them for their support…Don’t blame me, I told Bruce Babbitt; hey, did you say how I passed that bill to give you guys more handouts.

    Of course, he had to insert some gems about how wolves are roaming “freely, killing as they wish.” If only it were that easy to be a wolf in the West!

  7. JB Avatar


    Thanks for the reminder. People are getting a bit out of hand and need to keep things in perspective. Remember, there are only ~200 wolves in all of Wyoming outside of YNP. By the comments after some of these stories you’d think that their were 10s of thousands of wolves, covering the land like a plague of locusts. By the way, if people want to see what a plague of wildlife looks like, come to Michigan where white-tailed deer number roughly 2 million and cause about 60,000 accidents, roughly 5 deaths per year, and damages in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. Now that is a wildlife problem. Let’s maintain some perspective.

  8. timz Avatar

    One thing that stands out in all these articles, Ed Bangs is a sellout and should be removed from his position.

  9. kim kaiser Avatar

    Funny he talks about wolves and predators and he is a peter puffing bathroom predator!!!

  10. debbiz Avatar

    “Funny he talks about wolves and predators and he is a peter puffing bathroom predator!!!”
    My husband (timz) is laughing so hard he’s crying!

  11. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    Larry Craig,
    As a citizen of Idaho which I am, shut your pie hole you disgusting piece of filth.

  12. Zen Avatar

    Good grief. That was funny Kim. I am a citizen of Idaho. Thanks goodness he isn’t serving me. Butch ‘The Butcher’ Otter isn’t either.

  13. Catbestland Avatar

    How frightening some of the comments on these articles are. In the Casper paper one such depraved individual even commented that, “It would be fun to watch a wolf rip the guts out of an enviro’s 10 year old daughter.” It’s sickening to see that their response to this decision is violence. It does prove however, that their hatred has little to do with actual fear of wolves but rather what wolves represent to them. . . The loss of total control over public lands and interference in their lives from “outsiders.” This is the same mentality seen in the south during the Civil Rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s. It’s really scarry and it wouldn’t surprise me if they follow through on some of their threats.

  14. Peter Kiermeier Avatar

    I hope that this does not culminate in increased “revenge action”, means increased wolf poaching, by all these mentally disturbed you got out there. They must be deeply frustrated now, having already eagerly anticipated a legal wolf hunt. There are cases known, where a change in legislation has led to increased poaching. But there are still those Bears and Cougars and Coyotes to kill, in a case of self-defence if necessary.
    Unfortunately it´s still not time to relax, but to stay alert. Isn´t already next winters Bison slaughter on the horizon?

  15. Peter Kiermeier Avatar

    Do not miss Billings Gazette online (featuring – a rather weak – Marion) if you can stand such stuff. This time however ranking only second after the Casper paper. Seriously, there seems to be a severe society problem out there.

  16. April Clauson Avatar
    April Clauson

    I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS NEWS!!! and yes the comments some make are just hatred, pure and simple. But for now no hunting this season, YIPPIE!!!

  17. David Haynes Avatar
    David Haynes

    Larry Craig has abandoned his established expertise by transitioning from mens-room surveillance to wildlife management.

  18. Ice Avatar

    WOW!!! Unbelievable. Judge Molloy actually did the right thing. Folks, you don’t see this very often these days. Judge Molloy should be praised and rewarded for making the RIGHT decision under a LOT of pressure from both groups. Thank You Judge Molloy!
    I think this whole issue has become something of a competition between pro-wolf and anit-wolf personalities. Its not about the wolf anymore, its about winning. Ego’s are at stake. The pro-wolfers (me) have won a battle, but the war rages on, “SSS.”

  19. HAL 9000 Avatar
    HAL 9000

    Most of the people who type “kill ’em all” and “SSS” statements into newspaper comment forums lack the skill and ambition to actually go out and find wolves to shoot.

  20. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins


    That’s generally true, most hunters don’t have the skill to hunt wolves, but some of them do. In any case, it’s Wildlife Services and government wolf control that is the threat to wolves, not hunters.

    The big issue now is the 10j revision that FWS did in the spring in expectation that delisting would be enjoined–which tells you something about what the FWS really thought about the “science” behind delisting. The revision lowers the bar drastically on justifying wolf control to boost ungulate numbers.

    Here in Wyoming, the biggest danger to wolves is elk feedgrounds. They are wolf magnets in the winter and G&F and WS will be lurking around them to whack every wolf that chases an elk.



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